Even CEOs Get Fired is a lively, clear, and comprehensive guide to contract negotiations and employment law, with practical advice for everyone

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Jotham Stein is an experienced attorney in a wide variety of business, employment and contract negotiations with experience in transactions valued at over one hundred million dollars. Jotham recently authored π™€π™«π™šπ™£ π˜Ύπ™€π™Šπ™¨ π™‚π™šπ™© π™π™žπ™§π™šπ™™, an engaging look at how top entrepreneurs and executives protect themselves in their employment and equity deals.

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This is an easy read for any entrepreneur, C-Suite executive or investor on the tips and tricks in today’s high stakes business world.

It’s probably safe to say that most people who want to make sure they are protected in their work environment whether you’re the CEO or you work for a company, should definitely read this book! Enjoy this very educational conversation with Jotham Stein.

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Jotham Stein, attorney and author of the book Even CEOs Get Fired, sits down to discuss some of the most common reasons that executives lose their job and how someone can turn being fired into the best thing that ever happened to them.

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Finished the book last night.Β  Great read.Β  Only regret is you didn’t write this forty years ago.Β  I’ve been through changes in management, company sale, company relocation, downsizing and working for out and out a–holes.Β  Even a couple of drunks (one was OK the other was a jerk).Β  I had thought that I had agreed to some good offer letters and separation agreements over the years.Β  In retrospect, reading this I found that I left so much on the table and was vulnerable in many areas.Β  This book is for us lowly peons who never made it to the C-Suite.

Jotham has helped me throughout my career, from setting up strong employment agreements to securing stock compensation to protecting the management team during the sale of my company.Β Jotham is a guy you want in your corner.Β  His book should be required reading for any exec who thinks β€˜this could never happen to me.’

Jotham has been invaluable to me for decades in critical areas as employment agreements and company acquisitions.

β€œI relied on Jotham when I was an exec at public companies – now my business relies on him to help it grow.

Best lawyer for execs and entrepreneurs I know.”

The best there is. Literally.

One of the best entrepreneurial lawyers I have had the pleasure work with.

Jotham is a very valued legal adviser who also provides broad and pragmatic business guidance to our medical clinic and has for years!

As a CEO and multi-time Silicon Valley executive, I was very fortunate to learn from Jotham early in my career the great importance of the protective employment offer letter. Employment law is very complex and with this book you can learn from the best.

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