Even CEOs Get Fired

The ultimate guide for anyone moving up or trying to protect themselves in business

Attorney for ProfessionalsJotham Stein is a Silicon Valley employment lawyer who represents entrepreneurs, C-Suite executives, board members, and senior managers, as well as less senior employees at companies of every size and type. In Even CEOs Get Fired, Jotham walks you through the best practices, common pitfalls, and sky’s-the-limit possibilities in the various stages of your career – from getting hired, to surviving an employer’s changes in control, to protecting yourself, to a voluntarily exit… to getting fired.

Each chapter focuses on a particular issue, mixing straightforward actionable advice with engaging fictional stories. If you are just starting out, in mid-career, or considering jumping into entrepreneurship, you will learn how to negotiate like a CEO. If you’re an established entrepreneur or executive already in the C-Suite, you’ll learn how to protect yourself in employment, including documents and clauses that really matter, how to maximize your negotiating leverage and much more.

What Others Are Saying…

Jotham has helped me throughout my career, from setting up strong employment agreements to securing stock compensation to protecting the management team during the sale of my company.  Jotham is a guy you want in your corner.  His book should be required reading for any exec who thinks ‘this could never happen to me.’

The best there is. Literally.

Jotham has been invaluable to me for decades in critical areas as employment agreements and company acquisitions.

One of the best entrepreneurial lawyers I have had the pleasure work with.

I relied on Jotham when I was an exec at public companies – now my business relies on him to help it grow. Best lawyer for execs and entrepreneurs I know.

Jotham is a very valued legal adviser who also provides broad and pragmatic business guidance to our medical clinic and has for years!

As a CEO and multi-time Silicon Valley executive, I was very fortunate to learn from Jotham early in my career the great importance of the protective employment offer letter. Employment law is very complex and with this book you can learn from the best.